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Published 2018/3/19
Marratein residency

Published 2018
Mophradat art fellows

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Published in 2016/11/26
To be 20 years old at the time of Isis - Life in the car bombs: 'Caliphate is the past. The future? A New Rin 2018eligion War - 4/6 Avere 20 anni ai tempi dell’Isis – La vita tra le autobombe: ‘Il Califfato รจ il passato. Il futuro? Una nuova guerra di religione’ - 4/6

Displayed in 2015/6/8

Interview with "Youth Talk" show on ALHURRA Iraq Tv

 Published in 2015/6/10

the magic board

 Published in 2015/6/1

By Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

 Published in 2015/4/3

Build Peace Art

Published in 2015/1/1
Book forthcoming from Tadween Publishing by Ali Issa Against All Odds: Voices of

 Popular Struggle In Iraq

  Published in 2014/12/26

Interview with Shakomako magazine

 Displayed in 2014/12/19

Interview with "Youth Talk" show on ALHURRA Iraq Tv

Published in 2013/8/17

In the experiences of young people with Al-Mada newspaper .. Arabic article 

by Nahda Al-Krtani

2013/11/11 Published in 
Published in 2013/10/18
Published in 2013/6/17